The Meeting Comics Email Newsletter Returns

Let's try this again...


Hey folks! There was a period when I was putting the week’s Meeting Comics in an email newsletter as yet another way to get it out there for people to read, and I just stopped doing it because posting the everything everywhere was a bit much for me to keep up with. I have since stopped putting Meeting Comics on social media for free - the online version is now exclusive to my patreon - and that’s worked out really well for me.

I’m going to bring back the newsletter on a less frequent basis, to use for important announcements. It’ll for sure be less frequent, but it won’t include all the comics, so if that’s why you were getting the newsletter and you want to unsubscribe now, I understand.

This particular newsletter is going to be for catchup.


I’ve just placed the order for issue 19 of Meeting Comics. This is the first Meeting Comics issue which hasn’t been posted entirely online. It will ship in early July after patreon payments clear. It’s 32 freaking pages, because that’s how long I needed to make it to wrap up The Case of The Executive Exorcism.

It’s available for preorder at my webstore, or you can subscribe by joining my patreon at the $5 level or higher before the end of June.

All previous issues and the book which collects the first six are still available. Feel free to let me know if you want me to cut you a deal if you need a big stack of comics to get caught up.


Issue 21 is a big deal. It’s a completely self-contained flashback issue set in 1996, starring Val, as she solves the mystery of WHERE THE RENT WENT.

I’m 8 pages into this issue at my patreon. This week I’m not posting new comics because I hurt my back and am recuperating, but the regular three-times a week posting schedule should resume Monday, June 15, fingers crossed, knock on wood, step on a crack… WAIT NO NOT THAT ONE

If you join for a buck a month, not only will you get to read this story as it’s serialized, you can catch up on all of Meeting Comics, including issues 19 and 20, which have not been posted on social media.


If you want to peep the first three pages of issue 21, I have made them free to read at patreon. Here’s a link to all the issue 21 pages -- the first three posts are open to the public. As you can see, I put a lot of commentary in there!

And what the heck… here’s that first page:


aaand if you join up at $5 a month or more, you get the print comics every two months, along with whatever else I might send with them. The last shipment included issue #18, two stickers, and process art from Meeting Comics (original art from panels that I rewrote or redrew).

I don’t know yet what I’ll be shipping with issue 19. Probably more process art, since I have a decent amount of it still floating around and I don’t have unlimited space.

Thanks for sitting through my promo. I’ll try to knock one of these guys out a month, more if I have more announcements. Switching my online output away from social media exclusively to patreon has been great. I’ve picked up more patreon subscribers, and I am not sitting there thinking about how that darned algorithm shows my comic to fewer and fewer people every day.

And thanks to the folks who have jumped over to my patreon to read Meeting Comics as it’s being serialized there. I think it’s a really solid deal, and I’m glad some of you do as well.


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