Meeting Comics Digest #13

TGIWhatever day this is! Let’s get to the comics!


Here are the comics which originally ran on my patreon on May 11, May 13, and May 15, 2020. Want to see these when they’re brand new instead of waiting a week? It’s a buck a month at my patreon, and you get exclusive commentary with it.

Aw man, things are really starting to fall apart!


If you like to live in the past, Fieldmouse Press is running some of my pre-coronavirus Meeting Comics over at Solrad! Three classics for your reading pleasure! Here’s one of them:

TRIVIA: the Back to the Future remake comic was, I'm pretty sure, inspired by talk with Adam Meuse and Max Huffman on the way to the first NOICE. I think Max mentioned the "Who's the vice president" line, though I put Bernie Goetz in there.


Don’t forget Meeting Comics #12 exists! It’s the one with the movie premiere storyline! Get it at my webstore!

OK, that’s it. Take care!

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